Sailor Venus, Geisha and some video game ramblings!

Well, here is that secret cross stitch I’ve been working on for so long! It’s a huuuge Sailor Venus! I started back in August, I think!

Sailor Venus!

I was also working on something else, for quite a long time! A kit from Dimensions. It’s one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen in a 5×7 size, and I’m so happy with it!


Now, on to the Video game ramblings.

Batman: Arkham Asylum.

That is one hell of a good game and I’ll tell you right now I can’t wait to get my hands on Arkham City. I was so drawn into this game from the beginning, I almost dedicated all of my free time to playing it. I beat it, happily in less than two weeks. But that’s only because I did a lot of playing around with the Challenges with my brother. :3

FFVII: Crisis Core.

I’m sure you all know, or are close to figuring out, I am OBSESSED, with this game. No, really. I am. Okay, maybe not the game, but with Zack, himself. Why not? He’s handsome, heroic and just.. awesome, right? Anywayysss. It took me a couple months to actually go through the story. I was trying to finish ALL the missions, but when I realized this clearly wasn’t happening, I went ahead and finished the story. I flew through it in about.. 2 days, maybe less. I have to say. I’m very happy with how it ended. The story line in general, was amazing. All in all, a great game! I’ll definitely play it again, some day!