Cozy Cub Complete

Well, after 8 months of work, it is finally complete. It was to be a present for my dad for his birthday last year but that never happened, so instead, it will be a gift for this years birthday! It’s stitched on 18ct ivory aida, and measures 5 x 7. It’s a Dimensions Gold Petites kit consisting off Cross Stitch, Half stitch back stitch and couching. ( This was my first time trying couching and found it a little challenging… in the whiskers. xD ) I hope you all like it!



It’s been a long time – so sorry!

It’s been so long since I last posted, and I must say I am a little disappointed in myself. I wanted to use this as a means to motivate myself for my stitching and here I have gone and forgotten my blog altogether. That’s a shame. Though it’s for good reason. Life has been busy, and while I don’t want to bore everyone with all of the details, the most recent and important news I have to share is that in April I will be an aunt for the very first time! My brother and his girlfriend are having a baby girl, and we all couldn’t be more excited. So, with the baby coming, and their new house, it’s kept me and everyone else rather occupied with renovations!

Now, on to my recently finished and current WIP’s!


Sailor Moon!

Just finished on the 22nd, and pressed and cleaned yesterday! 
She was stitched on 14ct aida, and took me about 10 months to complete.


Birth record I started a few weeks back for little Catherine. ( My soon-to-be- niece )

Cozy Cub kit I started a few months back for my dad for his birthday. 


A small Tuxedo Mask I started yesterday.


And, my mystery WIP. One I also just started yesterday and am trying on plastic canvas! 

Well, I think that is it for now, and I hope to post at least once a day with news, and WIP’s of at least one if not more than one of these projects! 😀