All Patches

Well, all my patches for the Pokemon Quilt are now finished!

I may take on more if patches are dropped by others after the due date But, for now, this is what I have!


Ponyta and other things.

Well, Ponyta has been done for quite some time, but due to family issues at home, I haven’t had the time to post my pictures. I also started on Pidgey’s evolutions, and a baby record, so those pictures will be here, too. =D

As for what has me away, these days… My mother.

Her and my dad are going through a separation, and my mom is taking it pretty hard. She’s been in and out of the mental hospital and rehab, and she’s tried to commit suicide. So dealing with keeping her happy and safe has been hard.  So I will do my best to keep updates with my project coming.

So, first up, is Ponyta!

Finished Product

And this is my Pidgey patch!


The birth record I will have to add later. ❤

Almost half way~

Well, I think I’m about half way, or almost. I’ve been trying to work very hard. But I think once this patch is done I’m going to need a small break to do something smaller and different. xD;

Here’s the latest WIP!

Almost half way!

Getting There

So, it’s been a few days, and we have a couple of new members, but I’m here to post a WIP for my Pokemon Patch for the quilt being made for Japan.

Here, is my WIP:

Another WIP of Ponyta/Rapidash